The Why and How of Network Management

Your network connects your server, computers, peripheral devices, mobile devices and cloud assets. If the flow of data is slowed by a poor network implementation or emerging issues within your network, your employees won’t be able to be as productive and may become very frustrated.

The Ivy Networks team works diligently to ensure that your network is tested, issues are corrected, and network function is monitored for optimal performance.

Network Management is part of what we do within the following services.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is a subscription-based, complete care solution for your entire IT environment. Managed IT Services encompasses the management, maintenance, security, and ongoing operational monitoring of your network, computers, virtualized machines, data backups, mobile devices, wireless network and security protocols. This comprehensive IT maintenance offering is proactive by design – ensuring that issues are identified and remedied before they cause significant downtime.

IT Project Services

Some organizations have the IT staff to deal with day-to-day operations, but when it comes to bigger projects – like the design and implementation of a new or expanding network – they don’t have the expertise or the manpower. Our technicians are available to supplement your existing IT staff and deal with networking projects while your employees focus on their work.

IT Consulting

You and your stakeholders need someone that can give you the big picture of how technology is or is not working for your company. Some of the things that our executive IT consultants advise our clients on are:

  • IT Budgeting
  • Hardware and Software Purchases
  • Software Licensing
  • Hardware Lifespan
  • Facility Moves, Expansions, and Multi-Site Proposals
  • Adoption of New Technologies
  • Utilizing Big Data and Analytics for Decision Making
  • And More…

Project Management Services

Sometimes, a business has internal IT employees that are fantastic at their jobs but don’t know how to lead a project to completion. The executives have their hands full with other tasks and don’t have the time or expertise to lead the project to get done on time an on budget. This is where an experienced IT project manager steps into the picture. IT project managers are skilled at working with people as well as the processes necessary to see projects – like new or expanding networks – through to completion.


Today’s networks must be able to handle the challenges presented by cloud-hosted virtual machines. Virtualization saves companies money in hardware purchase and replacement costs while lowering electricity expenses and enabling the company to move toward a “green” workflow. But that’s not all. Virtualization enables employees to take advantage of flexibility and mobility – accessing their desktops wherever their work takes them, in or out of the office.

What Benefits are New Hampshire Companies Trying to Leverage by Using Network Management Services?

Streamlined, Efficient Workflows

Monthly reporting, network monitoring, and regular maintenance give a network management professional a detailed picture of the health of your IT environment. These datasets allow him/her to make network configuration changes and hardware/software suggestions that will help your staff accomplish more work with less network-related hassles.

Experts On Call

Your business may have an IT employee or two, but what do you do when they are sick or on vacation? What do you do if your internal IT team doesn’t have the skill set needed to get the job done? These are only two instances where having an entire team of IT professionals on your side – including network services specialists – will enable you to overcome technology obstacles and get your work done.

Ongoing Monitoring & Proactive Maintenance

Why wait until your systems crash until you go looking for a problem? By doing ongoing monitoring of your network, IT support professionals will spot undesirable trends in your network’s performance and move to remedy the situation before it causes unwanted and expensive downtime.