The Experts At Ivy Networks Have Over 30 Years Of Technical Expertise As Well As Numerous IT Certifications

This may sound like bragging, but it’s simply a fact. Unlike many IT companies in Southern New Hampshire, we have decades of experience and technical expertise in technology solutions many businesses use – from CompTIA, VMware, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, to Cisco Routers and Oracle Databases just to name a few.

One of the most important investments you can make, whether you’re an entrepreneur with only a few employees or a business with 50 computers, is to ensure you have a local technology expert who can guide you in your growth – one you can trust and who will learn the ins and outs of how your business operates to ensure you use the most cost-effective technology.

IT for businesses is no longer about buying a few computers, networking them and setting up a WiFi to access the Internet. It’s much more complicated than that today. To be competitive, secure, productive and efficient your business needs:

  • Network Security to prevent unauthorized access, exploitation, or modification, to your network resources.
  • Desktop, Server, and Network Proactive Maintenance and Management for the timely repair and upgrades to all your network resources.
  • AntiVirus and Operating System Patch Management to fix problems with software that occur after the initial releases.
  • Virtualization Services to help manage workloads by transforming traditional computing environments to make them more scalable and affordable.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Services that ensure your critical data is protected from loss.
  • Network Attached Storage which is a complete system designed for network systems and can be used to process millions of transactions per minute.
  • Cloud Storage where data is stored on remote servers that you securely access from the Internet.
  • Managed Firewalls which require a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly data breaches.

We Have The Technical Expertise That Others Lack

Small and mid-sized businesses in Southern New Hampshire are typically understaffed when it comes to this kind of technical expertise. Even if they have the money to hire in-house techs, it’s impossible to find the right talent today. As a result, they hire any techie they can find to put “Band-Aids” on things that go wrong. They rely on a reactionary approach rather than contracting with an experienced Technology Solutions Provider who uses proactive IT management because they fear it will cost too much money.

However, it costs them more in the end with downtime and data breaches. If you calculate the cost of downtime for a few days, you’ll realize that using technical specialists like those at Ivy Networks will save you money.

When you use our services, you’ll have easy access to our team of IT professionals–with the breadth and depth of knowledge your business needs to keep your systems running and your data safe. We stay up to date on the latest technology threats to help you avert security risks and data breaches and to help you comply with legal, health, financial, governmental or other regulations. The peace of mind knowing your data will be secure is worth using technical specialists like those at Ivy Networks.

The Right Technical Knowledge Is Essential To Grow Your Business In a Cost-Effective Way

As your business grows you rely more on new and updated technology for your every-day operations. No matter the size of your business, you can’t afford downtime and the lost revenue that results from it.

If you take shortcuts and try to do things yourself, or if you hire a part-time tech to come in every once in a while to check things out, you’ll pay in the end with IT interruptions, computer crashes and data breaches from vulnerable systems and untrained employees.

With technology changing so rapidly the answer is to use the right Technology Solutions Provider with the technical skills to handle anything that comes along–one who will get to know your business, help you decide what technology assets you require and determine if you will get a positive return from them. Ivy Networks is that provider in Southern NH.

Purchasing technology solutions today requires expertise. Ivy Networks can align your technology with your short and long-term goals and help you develop a cost-effective technology budget, so you can predict IT expenses and stay within your spending allowances.

We provide procurement assistance, so you’ll always get the best prices on software and hardware. Plus, we can manage your IT projects from start to completion, identify your technology requirements, and ensure success as well as value.

Our technical specialists offer Strategic IT Planning services that will help you establish a competitive advantage through the tactical use of technology resources. We’ll align your IT plan with your annual business plan, and help you make adjustments along the way. Every organization must have clear technical priorities that are closely linked to their business strategy.

Only an experienced and knowledgeable technical expert like Ivy Networks can provide the ongoing strategic expertise you need to grow your business with the right, most cost-effective technology, and services.