Sleep better at night knowing Ivy Networks has your network and Internet security well taken care of.

The headlines are everywhere. SMBs are being hit by cyber attacks on a what feels like a daily basis – and those are just the incidents that get reported. That being said, it doesn’t mean it’s time to panic. For today’s businesses, cybersecurity is just another part of a well-rounded, reliable IT environment. So long as you’ve covering your bases, you can breathe easy.

Combating These Threats Are What The Ivy Networks Team Does Best.

Ivy Networks protects New Hamphire businesses using a multi-layered approach designed to offer the complete coverage needed to stand up to evolving cyber threats. As part of our Proactive Managed Cybersecurity package, we provide a range of solutions to protect your infrastructure from end-to-end -all for a cost-efficient and budget-friendly monthly fee.

We’re also proud to offer V-Shield subscriptions, powered by MyDigitalShield (MDS) Cloud. Every V-Shield subscription includes:

  • Low monthly fees. Why make a huge capital investment in a security device that will be obsolete in 2-3 years?
  • Protection from outside threats BEFORE they reach your network. Get “Clean Internet” that carries your mission-critical data, not the stuff that can damage your business.
  • Simple setup. We’ll have your next-gen security solution up and running quickly.
  • Wire speed security. Our solution won’t slow your Internet connection down when security functions are enabled.
  • Security settings adjusted to suit your needs. A range of settings set just so means you can get back to business and stop worrying.

Get Back To Doing What You Do Best – Serving Your New Hampshire Clients

In addition to everything V-Shield has to offer, Ivy Networks also provides:

  • Managed Anti-virus software (Bitdefender), which is included at no additional cost to all computers with an agent installed.
  • Proactive patch management of all networking equipment, in addition to Servers and PCs.
  • Managed Internet Security – With Cyber Breach Guarantee, backed by Assurant, for all commercial Subscriptions.