What If? – What if IT Services Could Make a Measurable Difference?

The Ivy Networks team is a group of dedicated IT professionals. We deal with hard numbers and facts. We work with law firms, libraries, and small to mid-size businesses across industry lines. But our clients all have one thing in common.

Our clients want to use technology as a stable launching platform for their future success.

Our clients aren’t interested in an IT support company that just keeps computers running. – Nearly any computer-fix-it company out there can do that.

Instead, they have sought out Ivy Networks because of our reputation for tailoring technology in a way that makes it a dependable foundation for efficient business processes.

Some of the IT services that we offer to accomplish this value-based technology support model are:

  • Strategic IT ConsultingStrategic IT Consulting is all about giving you and your key stakeholders the IT-related information you need to make the executive decisions that will impact your company for the foreseeable future. Because technology is the foundation for your internal processes, nearly every choice you make is related to or dependent upon the capabilities or the cost of technology. We help you sort out all the options and give you the data you need to guide your company.
  • Cybersecurity SolutionsCybersecurity is a very broad topic, including everything from email security and data backups to protection against ransomware and firewall configuration. IT security isn’t as simple as adding anti-virus or anti-spam software to your computers. Instead, an Ivy Networks cybersecurity professional takes a holistic approach to your security – using the most recent strategies and protocols to keep your workflow, clients, and data safe from cybercriminals.
  • Network Security ReviewWhen you go to a new doctor, that doctor does many tests to determine the state of your health and to come up with baseline data to measure against moving forward. Network security reviews are similar in nature. Our cybersecurity professionals use sophisticated tools to evaluate each piece of hardware, software, and the cloud assets attached to your network. The results of our evaluation are then condensed into an executive report that explains the health of your IT environment and what must be done to improve or maintain your security posture.
  • Microsoft Office 365 MigrationsNeed some help with Office 365? You’re not alone! It seems that we get a call from companies almost every week, looking for someone to help them migrate their files and email to Office 365. Why? Because Office 365 is the best productivity, communications, and collaboration platform on the market today. Whether you are just moving to Office 365 or you’ve been in Office 365 for a while and want the help of a specialist to optimize your use of Office 365, we’re ready to assist you.
  • Business Continuity SolutionsWhat will you do when an unexpected situation derails your in-house technology? – Did you notice that we said “when” and not “if”? – To keep from being blindsided by a server that goes up in smoke, a network that goes down because of a power surge, or something worse, you have to prepare. Our business continuity solution takes the entirety of your business processes into consideration. We work with you to determine which workflows are essential and must be accessible – no matter what localized or regional disaster impacts your company’s facility.