Our Business Continuity Planning Service

Modern day businesses are extremely dependent on their IT systems. In fact, every department – from marketing to sales to production to accounting – relies on information technology to get work done. When you don’t have access to your information technology, you stand to lose big time. Consider this: the average business experiences roughly 14 hours of IT downtime each and every year. It doesn’t sound like much, but that equates to about $150,000 annually per business.

Now you might be wondering, “how is that even possible!” or “there’s no way downtime costs THAT much!”

It does. Why? Because the cost of recovering or replacing equipment can be hefty. Plus, you’re also paying for lost productivity, reputational damage, and the potential loss of clients. If you’re in a highly regulated industry, you must also consider the cost of legal liability in the event of being unable to serve a client the way you need to. Businesses can experience downtime due to:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Power outages
  • Cyber-attacks
  • Human error
  • Server failure
  • And much more

That’s why Ivy Networks provides business continuity planning that keeps you covered – no matter what happens. Call us at (603) 554-8880 or send us an email at hello@ivynetworks.com to find out more.

When it comes to natural disaster or human error, there’s nothing more important than being able to respond quickly. Studies show that 66% of companies respond by repairing infrastructure while 58% of companies respond by replacing infrastructure. Fortunately, there’s a better, less expensive way. Our business continuity planning keeps you ready to recover your systems, applications, and data.

No business can avoid the incidents that result in downtime, but planning for those incidents doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Our team will:

  • Backup your data onsite and in the cloud so you’re able to recover and access files in a moment’s notice when needed.
  • Create a disaster recovery procedure plan so you and your team know exactly who does what in the event of disaster.
  • Monitor and test the backups on a regular basis to make sure they’re recoverable when you need them most.
  • Plan for Internet and/or power failure with redundancy and power protection in place so you’re always able to keep running.

Your entire network will be backed up multiple times per day, which means your files, applications, programs, operating systems, settings, and more can be restored when necessary. If you experience a server failure, we’ve got you covered there, too. We’ll get you back up and running on our backup appliance while we troubleshoot the server.

Ivy Networks provides business continuity planning New Hampshire businesses can depend on to keep them operational at all times. Contact us at (603) 554-8880 or send an email to hello@ivynetworks.com to find out more now.