What Types of Businesses Do We Have Extensive Experience Serving?

If you think outsourcing IT support is only for large corporations with massive budgets, think again. Sure, working with a great IT company in New Hampshire can be an investment, but it’s often more cost-efficient than hiring someone internally to help you handle your information technology systems. In fact, most businesses notice a higher return on investment and less support fees over time.

Ivy Networks has been servicing businesses throughout Southern NH for over 20 years. We’re the go-to resource for outsourced IT support, especially for Law Firms, Libraries, and other small to midsize businesses with 10-50 computers. We supply the solutions businesses need to stay efficient, productive, and competitive.

We’re all about managing your information technology with expert care, so you can focus on what’s most important: running your business. You’ll never have to worry about costly repairs again. Why? Because we proactively take care of your network – watching over it constantly to avoid unexpected issues.

Our team specializes in working with small to midsize businesses, law firms, and libraries – meeting the requirements of each industry flawlessly as we’ve worked heavily in these sectors before:

  • Small to midsize businesses: We help you get the most out of your technology budget with managed services wherein you pay a flat-rate monthly fee for everything you need – from security to business continuity to management and everything in between.
  • Law firms: We help you ensure client confidentiality with security solutions that keep your sensitive data safe. Plus, we ensure attorneys have access to important applications and data when they’re on the go with remote access solutions.
  • Libraries: We help you modernize your library to meet the evolving needs of users – from ensuring you’re using up-to-date equipment to installing a network that functions exactly as you need it to. We’ll keep your library relevant in today’s technology-dependent world.
  • Businesses trust Ivy Networks for New Hampshire IT support because we make it all about YOU and your business first and foremost!

We’re an incredibly client-centric team of technology experts with the ability to provide personalized attention to you and your unique needs. Our team works with you to ensure your business has exactly what you need to succeed. We follow these simple steps:

  • Learning about you: We’ll discuss your business and any challenges you’re currently facing, then we’ll analyze your existing technologies, in order to determine what needs to be done to make your short and long-term goals more achievable.
  • Creating a strategic plan: We’ll take what we’ve learned in our first step, and create a strategic technology plan that outlines every goal we need to accomplish – from improving collaboration to ensuring security to eliminating downtime – all of your business goals will be covered.
  • Preparing for the unexpected: Technology is evolving at a rapid rate, and so is cybercrime – both becoming more sophisticated as the days go by. We’ll prepare for the unexpected – from cyber-attacks to human errors to natural disasters to technology advancements.
  • Above all, your team can count on our team to become a trusted technology partner who listens to your concerns and takes them seriously. We’ll act as your advisor – making sure you’re able to accomplish more for less time, money, and resources. That’s the beauty of great technology support!

When you need an IT provider in New Hampshire that gives you peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of, choose Ivy Networks.

Although we’re great with small to midsize businesses, law firms, and libraries, we’re familiar with a multitude of other industries too. We’re business experts first – so we can troubleshoot technology for ANY type of business. Our services are extensive – covering all of your information technology needs:

  • Managed services wherein we take care of your network, including all software and hardware, for a predictable flat-rate monthly fee.
  • Innovative collaboration technologies, such as remote access solutions, to keep your staff productive, no matter where they’re located.
  • Business continuity planning that keeps your business running with full access to applications and data as needed.
  • Cybersecurity solutions that keep your business safe against malware, ransomware, and other types of threats.

Ivy Networks specializes in IT support for small to midsize businesses, law firms, and libraries throughout New Hampshire – but we’re great with businesses of ALL types and sizes. Go ahead and give us a call at (603) 554-8880 or email us at hello@ivynetworks.com to get started now.