With The Cloud Powering Your Business, The Sky Truly Is The Limit!

The cloud offers services that are multifaceted and designed with businesses in mind. These cutting-edge tools help businesses offer better online security, data recovery, and data transfer, and simply manage their business better. With Cloud Solutions from Ivy Networks, you have access to:

  • Office 365
  • Managed Internet Security (VPN)
  • Managed Backup and Recovery:
    • Bare Metal Restores – Restore to VMware or Hyper-V
    • Hybrid – Includes a local copy or quick restores and cloud copy for true disaster recovery

Why Does All This Matter To You?

Simply put, cloud services minimize disruptions and greatly reduce the chances of major data loss by protecting your data, applications, and programs against a whole range of potential problems. With Managed Backup and Recovery, you can restore lost data in seconds, drastically cutting back on downtime.

Even better? These products also meet the high standards imposed by industry compliance regulations where data security is concerned.

From a purely business standpoint, cloud solutions allow you to improve customer service and customer relationships by helping to build a sense of trust and security for your customers. Especially for new customers, the more you can do to offer rock-solid assurance that your business is reliable and responsive, the easier it is to score new business from skeptical customers. In today’s competitive marketplace, any edge you can give yourself has the potential to make a massive difference.

This means taking both Internet and cybersecurity seriously, recognizing how much the two have in common and having the right solutions in place to meet your needs – not someone else’s. Ivy Networks is committed to offering you products and services that will help you succeed by managing your IT needs, not by selling you whatever happens to be shiny and new.

We’re dedicated to protecting your data and operations with industry-leading Backup and Recovery solutions, offering connectivity, accessibility, and security to your mobile workforce, partners, and clients, and helping you to take full advantage of new cloud technology to reach your goals for success and growth.

The cloud offers endless potential for your business – let us help you make the most of it. Reach out to Ivy Networks today at (603) 554-8880 or hello@ivynetworks.com. We’re the IT professionals local businesses trust.