How Can Technology Help Modern Libraries Stay Relevant in the 21st Century?

Modern libraries have two very important functions – providing users with access to a wide variety of data, as well as providing support and assistance for their research efforts. As the world becomes increasingly connected and dependent on technology, modern libraries face challenges in terms of meeting user needs. This is especially true in academic libraries as students expect the quickest, most seamless equipment possible. Aside from the need to ensure a fast-wireless connection, libraries also face the challenge of having a broad spectrum of customers.

In fact, we’re seeing multiple generations visiting local libraries – leaving them struggling to meet the needs of everyone from generation X who are happier with traditional services to millennials who are happier with technology-based services. Lastly, we’re seeing libraries trying to complete with digital technologies, such as smartphones, tablets, social networking, and other forms of digital technologies that act as commercial information providers. For the modern library, it’s a struggle to stay competitive and keep meeting the needs of users, to say the least.

How can libraries stay relevant in the 21st century?

First and foremost, libraries need to leverage current technologies and make sure they’re able to offer:

  • Quick wireless connectivity wherein users are able to search the web and get the information they require in the quickest possible manner.
  • Reliable workstations that are up-to-date and functioning at peak performance so users can get work done without hassle.

Libraries are about much more than simply borrowing books.

They’re creative spaces for research and collaboration – they’re learning hubs for individuals and teams alike. As a library in the 21st century, technology is absolutely necessary to keep customers coming back again and again. We’ll help you:

  • Design and install a wireless network that ensures a quick, reliable connection for users.
  • Procure and implement the most affordable workstations for your unique needs and budget.
  • Manage and maintain workstations with proactive monitoring and maintenance, as well as patch management.
  • Lock down public kiosk/Internet browsing computers as needed to keep them from being accidentally or maliciously altered.
  • Protect workstations with security measures, such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and web-content filtering.

Over 85% of public libraries offer wireless connectivity and many of those public libraries offer state-of-the-art computers for use. Are you falling behind the competition? In addition to assisting with the procurement, management, and protection of workstations for users, we also provide IT services for libraries wherein we handle all of your information technology needs:

  • Managed services to handle all of your hardware and software for a predictable, flat-rate monthly fee.
  • Innovative collaboration technologies, such as remote access solutions, to improve communication.
  • Business continuity planning that ensures your library stays up and running no matter what comes your way.

In today’s day and age, there’s no need for libraries like yours to become irrelevant – as long as you’ve got Ivy Networks helping you keep up with technology advancements!

Sure, the digital age brings many challenges, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck becoming irrelevant in the eyes of the public. In fact, staying ahead of technology advancements will keep you more relevant than ever before! Ivy Networks will help you stay ahead of user demands and expectations. You can feel confident knowing our team of trusted technology professionals knows what we’re doing when it comes to local libraries. We help you embrace innovation – resolving challenges, meeting goals, and adapting to ever-changing times.
While the duties of librarians have changed, they’re still the most relevant information source available. Don’t let technology bring your library to a screeching halt – let technology push your library forward!

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