Support You Can Count On

In today’s day and age, there aren’t many businesses that can wait hours, or worse, days for help from their technology solutions provider without losing a lot of productivity time, and in turn, profits. For most modern businesses, every minute of downtime means money wasted. They simply need responsive technology support when issues or challenges occur. They need a real person answering their calls, not an automated service or someone outsourced overseas.

That’s why we ensure our support process is simple and efficient, so you’re able to keep working, no matter what issue or challenge comes up. We encourage those we work with to reach out and let us know what we can do to help you via the following methods:

Once you’ve reached out, we’ll generate a service ticket with a number that allows you to track your request. You’ll get an automatic response letting you know we’ve received your request and will be working on it. Shortly after, you can expect:

  • The service ticket will be processed and evaluated, in order to determine the best method of resolving the issue.
  • Periodic updates will be provided on the status and/or progress of the service ticket until the issue is resolved.

We will also follow up upon service ticket completion via phone or email to ensure you’re satisfied with the resolution and everything is working as needed.

Do you have questions about our support process? Or maybe you’re looking for a responsive technology solutions provider that has a clear, efficient support process like ours? Give us a call at (603) 554-8880 or email us: